School of Astrophysics "F. Lucchin"

XI Cycle 4th Course -- E. Majorana Centre, Erice (Italy)     September 4-9, 2011

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The transition from low-mass stars to planets (Chair: G. BONO)

Galaxy bulges (Chair: M. ZOCCALI)


France ALLARD (Univ. of Lyon, FR)   Atmospheres from very low-mass stars to extrasolar planets
Willy BENZ (Univ. of Bern, CH)   Planet formation and evolution
Giuseppe BONO (Univ. of Roma TOV, IT, co-Chair)   Low-mass stars in stellar systems
Santi CASSISI (INAF-AO, Teramo, IT)   Evolutionary properties of very low-mass stars
Douglas LIN (Univ. of California, USA)   Dynamical evolution of extra solar planets
Jonathan LUNINE (Cornell University, USA)   Identification and characterization of extrasolar planets

Victor DEBATTISTA (Univ. of Central Lancashire, UK)   Bulge formation through bar instabilities
Dimitri GADOTTI (ESO, RCH)   Pseudo-bulges, classical bulges and elliptical galaxies
Roberto GILMOZZI (ESO, DE)   The impact of E-ELT on planets and resolved stellar populations
Raynier PELETIER (Univ. of Gröningen, NL)   Extragalactic bulges with IFUs
Isabel PEREZ (Univ. of Granada, ES)   Star Formation Histories of Bulges and Bar
Manuela ZOCCALI (PUC, Santiago, RCH, co-Chair)   Stellar Populations in the Galactic Bulge

Scientific Organizing Committee

G. Bertin (Univ. of Milano)
G. Bono (Univ. of Roma, TOV)
A. Celotti (SISSA, Trieste)
P. Cerroni (INAF-IFSI, Roma)
C. Chiosi (Univ. of Padova)
L. Moscardini (Univ. of Bologna)

Local Organizing Committee

A. Di Cecco (INAF/ASI-ASDC, Roma)
G. Giobbi (INAF-OA, Roma)
C. Leto (INAF/ASI-ASDC, Roma)
A. Pietrinferni (INAF-OA, Teramo)

Organized by:

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica
Dipartimento di Fisica, Universita' di Roma Tor Vergata
E. Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture
INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma
Departamento de Astronomia y Astrofisica, P. Universidad Catolica, Chile
ASI science data center
Società Astronomica Italiana